Round Rock, TX
2nd Place 242 Open
1st Place Submaster

Total 1917.4lbs PR
Squat 705lbs
Bench Press 501.5lbs
Deadlift 710.98 Texas Submaster Record and PR

I opened with 705 and got it. I missed my next two attempts. I finally realized after three meets using the same monolift that the arms that hold the bar move back and forth a lot. Most of the better monolifts like the one we have at BA does not move until the arms are released. When setup I would push my traps into the bar and the bar would move back. Then I would try to get my feet set and I would end up in a bad starting position which had me struggling to catch my balance and get back into my groove. Going forward I will remember this. What I will do different next time is to set the bar up higher and just stand up with the bar.
1st attempt 705lbs
2nd attempt 755lbs – missed
3rd attempt 755lbs – missed

Bench Press
I thought I was going to redeem myself here, but I was wrong. I only got my opener. I had difficulties touching in my Metal Viking Pro shirt on all three attempts. I know what I have to do now is do more touch sets in the shirt. I only touched my opener a couple weeks prior to the meet. I also know that I need to go back to alternating between Metal Militia board presses and regular board presses. I am also going to add rack lockouts (aka pin presses) back. The Metal shirt is a good shirt and I got a glimpse of the power of the shirt at the meet. Once I learn the groove better and learn to touch inside the groove I will hit some good numbers in this shirt.
1st attempt 501.5lbs
2nd attempt 523lbs – missed
3rd attempt 523lbs – missed

My first two lifts were very disappointing. I had what I had considered one of my best training cycles and expected big PRs. The deadlift went a lot better. I had problems trying to lockout 722 in February. We did GHRs (glute hame raises) with the back of the GHR raised twelve inches in training for this meet. These were very hard to do, but helped my lockout on the deadlift. I got my first two attempts and missed 722 on my third attempt although I came very close to locking it out. I was so close to locking it out that several people watching though I got it. I was very happy to see that my lockout problem was improving on the deadlift. I will make sure to keep using the GHR in the same fashion. I am also going to add regular GHRs to extra workouts.
1st attempt 661lbs
2nd attempt 710.98lbs Texas Submaster Record
3rd attempt 722lbs – missed (barely at the top)

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