Rockman’s 2006 APF Senior Nationals Meet Report
June 3, 2006 – Las Vegas, NV
10th Place 242s (out of 21 lifters)
1st attempt – 804lbs
2nd attempt – 859lbs missed
3rd attempt – 859lbs missed
My first attempt was easy and I was complimented by a judge on my depth. On my second and third attempts I was leaning too far forward and couldn’t finish the lift. I had the seventh highest squat in the 242s.
1st attempt – 485lbs missed
2nd attempt – 485lbs
3rd attempt – 518lbs missed
On my first attempt my shirt was jacked too much. My second attempt we readjusted my shirt and jacked it a lot less. My third attempt I missed it about ¾ the way up.
1st attempt – 644lbs
2nd attempt – 705lbs missed
3rd attempt – 705lbs
Total 1994
I missed my second attempt due to being on my toes too much. I was using a different setup on my first two attempts, which is the same setup I use when hook gripping. Sean recommended that I go back to my drop and grab setup. I had to have Velcro added to my Metal Deadlifter due to the weight I have gained and did not get to use it until the meet. The straps were loose on the first two attempts and I had Erik tighten them on my last attempt. After making these adjustments I was successful on my third attempt.
What can I say, but I didn’t have a very good day. I had one of my best training cycles ever training for this meet. I weighed in Friday morning right on the money at exactly 242.5lbs. I had to cut more weight than usual this time around. My average weight this training cycle was 256lbs. I normally average 250lbs during a training cycle. I had more weight than usual to cut. The Sunday before the meet I was down to 253lbs. I did 45 minutes of cardio each morning the week of Seniors. Wednesday night I was worried that my weight wasn’t dropping fast enough and I did 30 minutes in the evening, this is addition to the 45 minutes of cardio I did in the morning.
Lessons Learned
One of the first things I need to work on is strengthening my upper back. My back was rounding on the squat and was an attributing factor to my failed squat attempts. A stronger upper back will also help my deadlift. Along adding upper back good mornings and Hise shrugs to improve my squat, I plan on doing more upper back work and using heavier weight.
I will not drop as much weight for a meet again. My briefs were not as tight as usual in the legs and I was able to put my bench shirt on by myself.
I also learned at this meet that I am benching in a shirt that is not tight enough. I need to go to a smaller shirt so I can get more support.
On a positive note my grip work is helping. I didn’t have any problems with my grip during the deadlift. I will make sure to keep up the grip work.

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