The day started out good. My warm-ups went well and felt fast and strong. I opened with 551 and got called for depth. Second and third attempts also missed for depth. I really felt like I would be OK on depth since I really improved my flexibility and mobility. I know that I was deeper than I was at the NASA meet last September. They must have been judging depth more strictly since this was a national meet. I take full responsibility for me bombing and not making depth. I will continue to work on my flexibility and I estimate that I should be able to hit the level of depth required at this meet within a couple months.
They let me enter the push/pull division since I bombed on the squat. My warm-ups felt strong and fast. I opened with an easy 363. My second attempt I went 402. I didn’t hear the press command and realized it, and pressed the weight. I flared too soon and couldn’t finish the lift. I took the weight over on my third and missed it again.
I decided to pull out of the meet. I came to the meet to hit a raw total and would have stayed in the meet if I would have at least benched 402. With the day I had, I figured I would skip the deadlift. I will recover faster and will be ready to start training for AAPF Nationals sooner than originally planned.

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