USAPL Inaugural Raw Nationals

I would like to thank my wonderful wife Tiffany once again for her support. The meet was a well ran meet. It started at 9am and finished by noon. The judging was strict, fair and consistent. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

1st attempt – 440lbs depth
2nd attempt – 440lbs squat command
3rd attempt – 440lbs

Bench Press
1st attempt – 314lbs
2nd attempt – 352.5lbs
3rd attempt – 363.7lbs

1st attempt – 600.7lbs
2nd attempt – 661lbs
3rd attempt – 661lbs

Total – 1405.4lbs

5th place open 242
1st place master 1

Raw Nationals Meet Results

My Raw Nationals Meet Videos

This was my second USAPL meet and my first USAPL national meet. Regardless of the fact that I only got one squat and one deadlift in, I considered my performance a success. Two years ago it took 551lbs for me to break parallel raw. Two years later I can go three inches below parallel without any weight on my back. I was told by a judge after the meet that my squats were deep. This something I never thought I would hear from a USAPL judge. I stayed with the same weight on the squats and it was hard to not increase the weight. My wife told me to just get a squat passed. All three squats were very easy and I know I was at least good for 500lbs. I am capable of much more on my deadlift. I will have to revisit my training logs to see what I need to change to improve my deadlift. I really need a lot of improvement on my bench press. With some more time training and competing raw, I feel I have a good shot at placing in the top three at next years Raw Nationals.

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