I weighed in at 256.7lbs and competed in the unequipped open 275lbs bench only division.
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Bench Press
1st Attempt – 369lbs
2nd Attempt – 385.7lbs
3rd Attempt – 407.7lbs missed

1st Place Unequipped Open 275lbs Bench Only

Thanks once again to my awesome wife for her support, and videography. Thanks to my daughter for her support and photography. Thanks to Jason Venn for the great hand offs and support. Thanks to James Dunn, Erik Stark, Henry Thomason, and Rick Vraspier for your support. The four of you had a great day. Thanks to Landon Evans for designing my block periodization training program and all your support along the way. Block periodization is a really good training method and one I plan to stick with.

I missed my third attempt bench press due to bringing the bar down too high on my chest. I made this mistake due to getting too psyched before my third attempt. The weight did not feel heavy and my previous two attempts were very easy. My second attempt was the same weight as my second attempt at USAPL Raw Nationals, but it felt a lot easier today.

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