415×5 <-- add belt 495x8 RPE 9 GHR - 3x10 Circuit
A1) 2 Arm DB Rows – 90x3x10
A2) DB Stiff Leg Deadlift – 90x3x10
A3) DB Shrugs – 90x3x10
Lying Leg Raise /w DB between feet – 20x3x20
My deadlift felt good tonight. My strength is coming back and I am getting used to pulling for reps. Tonight I was two reps under what I did my first week of my second 5/3/1 wave. It appears to be more than strength and probably conditioning, since I was really winded at the end of my pulls. Steve and Mark said my pulls improved after the first rep. Using 5/3/1 I get more efficient pulling each week due to the reps and eventually I should have my form dialed in, my strength back to where it was, and my conditioning to where it needs to be. The reps of 5/3/1 and rep maxes will take care of that.
I have been planning to implement a circuit into my deadlift training similar to the one in the Coan Phillipi deadlift routine and tonight I did. The Coan Phillipi deadlift routine calls for 90 seconds of rest between exercises in the circuit, but I opted to not rest between exercises and only between circuits. This will help with conditioning/GPP. Once I adapt to the circuit, I may rest between exercises and use heavier weights.

Post Author: Phillip Wylie