465×3 <-- add belt 520x8 RPE 9 Circuit
A1) 2 Arm DB Rows – 90x3x10
A2) DB Stiff Leg Deadlift – 90x3x10
A3) DB Shrugs – 90x3x10
DB Obliques – 90x2x15
Lying Leg Raise – 2×20
Tonight was another good deadlift workout. It seemed like last week I got back into the groove of things with my deadlift. 520 for 8 reps put me 2 reps over what I did my 2nd wave of 5/3/1 the first time I used 5/3/1 and 3 reps under what I did on my 5th wave. After my 5th wave I pulled 705 in a meet. One of the several things I like about 5/3/1 is that you have indicators of where your strength is without having to hit a 1 rep max.

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