Box SQ – 325x8x2 all sets were done 1.5 inches higher than usual (*see notes below)
45° Hyper. w/14″ cambered bar – 3×10
GHR (w/light band)- 3×10
Pulldown Abs (w/light band)- 3×10
*Box squats felt harder than they should have been. It has colder than usual in the gym this week. I feel like today my hips weren’t getting warmed up adequately and that this was attributing to my problem. I added a couple new stretches this week to help with my flexibility. I am going a lot wider than I used to, so this is making box squats extremely difficult. I plan on next speed squat day to start following the suggestion described in the Elite FTS “Dynamic Squat Manual” for hip flexibility problems. They recommend starting with a box height 2 inches above parallel and drop it an inch after the first four sets. Then the next week start with the height you finish with the week before and drop an inch the last four sets. This is to be done for three consecutive weeks.

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