Sled – 6 trips
Box SQ w/green bands – 325x8x2, first 4 sets were done 1.5 inches higher than usual (*see notes below)
Speed DL w/green bands – 225×1, 315x6x1
45° Hyper. w/14″ cambered bar – 3×10
GHR (w/light band)- 3×10
GHR sit-ups(w/light band)- 3×10
*Since we have a monolift to train with I have taken my squat stance out wider and my flexibility is non-existent. To try to over come this problem tonight I added an additional 45lbs plate to the box. This raised it up an extra 1.5 inches. Half way through my box squats I removed the plate and I was able to maintain good form. Along with some serious stretching I think this will help me get flexible enough for the squat.

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