2005 INSA/INSAA Metroflex Gym Push/Pull
Bench Press
1st attempt 485 lbs missed (belt needed to be pulled down)
2nd attempt 507 lbs (INSAA World Record)
3rd attempt 523 lbs missed (grip was 4 inches off on right side)
1st attempt 661.2 lbs
2nd attempt 722 lbs missed
3rd attempt 722 lbs missed
Total 1168.2 lbs
1st place INSAA (drug-free division) 242lbs Open
Best lifter INSAA
On the bench press I hit a 7 pound PR and missed 523 due to my hands being misaligned on the bar. The bar wasn’t your typical power bar, it had more than one set of rings. When I was setting up on the bench I thought the bar was not centered so I shifted the bar to my right. I ended up with my right hand 4 inches too far to the right. The bar felt unevenly loaded, but I took the bar down anyway. I got the press command and pressed the bar, but the spotters took it due to the extreme unevenness of the bar. I feel like I would have made the lift if my hands would have been positioned correctly. I attempted the lift even though it felt strange. It was hard to give lift offs since there was no spotter platform and the hand off guys had to stand on a couple 3 inch plates to hand off. My second hand off was very unstable so on my third I figured it was just the hand off.
On the deadlift I went too heavy on my second attempt. I did learn my weakness is at the top of my knees. I am able to rip it off the floor fast, but stalled above my knees. It looks like time for me to hit some rack pulls.

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