45×3 <-- add doubled light bands 135x3 185x3 <-- add 4 board 225x 275x2 295x1 PR 315x0 425x3 <-- remove bands, add Metal Viking Pro, add 3 board 455x2 <-- add 2 board 500x0 <-- touched, barely missed lockout 455x3 <-- add 2 board 405x5 DB BP - 100x10 Super Set Pulldowns w/fat supinated handle - 3x12 KB Rear Delts - 26x3x12 Hammer Curls - 25x3x10 Tonight I used my new Metal Viking Pro for the first time. The new shirt fits much tighter. I used the shirt without a belt to make sure I could touch. It's nice to have a shirt again with good pop off of the chest. In two weeks I will use the shirt again and with a belt. I am going to send my old shirt off to get the chest panel taken in.

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