My flexibility is improving. I dropped the box down 13.5 inches on my last 4 sets on DE squat day and had problems with my form. By dropping the box 1.5 inches made a big difference in my form. My form was good on the higher box. I stretch 5 days a week consistently each week. Sean recommended that I add some PNF stretches in my stretching routine. I will add this in see how it goes. I figure if things don’t improve soon, I will bring my stance in a little. My stance is a lot wider than before and if I have to bring it back in a little, it won’t really be that big of a deal. I do intend on trying to make the wider stance work. Sean is back in town and I will have him back to coach me on my squat. My other lifts are going good; I need to get my squat formed down.
My bench is feeling good. I had a good ME bench day this week. I hit a PR of 386 on close grip benches, I would have had 405, but one of the side spotters helped. After hitting a PR on close grips I was 5 pounds below my 3 board press PR. I was happy with that since I have been doing MM style board presses predominately. I have learned the differences between MM and regular board presses. I have decided to alternate between the two styles. Regular board presses seem to work triceps more. I also noticed after not doing them for a while that when doing regular board presses, it’s harder to control the bar on the descent. The MM style is important especially if you use the MM bench style. It helps you with the elbow flair at the top and it also teaches you to drive with your legs. If you don’t push your hills down and drive with your legs it is much harder. As the weight gets heavier, you will miss the lift. Last week I did all regular style board presses and I plan to alternate styles every other workout. I feel that both styles are important.
I have nothing new to report on my deadlift. I will see February 5th how it’s going. I’m still pumped that I corrected my form problem November at my last meet. I should hit a decent PR the 5th.

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