Seated Hip Abduction w/doubled light band – 3×10
Standing Hip Abduction w/mini – 3×10
Standing Hip Adduction w/mini – 3×10
Standing Hip Flexion w/mini – 3×10
I need to bring up my hip strength to accommodate my wider squat stance. In the past I have done seated hip abduction work with an average band. I recently started doing standing hip abduction with a mini band to warm up my hips prior to stretching them. I got the idea to use them along with standing hip flexion for extra workouts. Back before the multi hip machines came out, people would use cable machines with ankle straps to accomplish the same thing. Another motivating factor is that ankle dragging with a sled strengthens your hips. So this is more convenient for me and could be done in the mornings when I do my cardio and stretching.

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