DE squat day this week was a good one. My first 4 sets were done on a 15″ box and the last 4 on a 13.5″, which is my normal box height. I was able to control my for once the box was dropped. This was a major improvement over last week. I added some PNF hip stretches to my stretching routine. I will gradually drop the number of sets I do with the higher box. I plan on dropping a set per week until I am using a 13.5” box every set. My form is improving and I am feeling better about my squat.
On ME bench day we did shirt work. I did an easy double with 475 and my belt wasn’t pulled down correctly. We pulled the belt down on the second set and I did an easy single rep. The first set surprised me due to the screwed up way I had to bench because of my belt. The last set my form was good and it was ridiculously easy. The lockout work is helping and I feel more confident with my bench. I should hit a nice PR at the push pull on the 5th.
My deadlift is still going good. We did speed deads of f of block and using light bands. My speed was fast. I should hit a good PR on my deadlift at the push pull.
My training has been going well. The areas I have been having problems in are slowly being corrected. I should have a good meet the 5th. I should have nice PRs on both the bench and deadlift. My body weight is staying around 242.5, which puts me 5 to 6 pounds heavier than I usually weigh at a meet. The higher reps on warm up sets along with the face pulls, pull down shrugs, and blast strap pushups have helped me put on more mass. In the past week I started doing GHR at the beginning of my bench days to help bring up my posterior chain more.

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