Hip Mobility
SQ – warm up to 600×1 Metal Briefs, Metal Suit straps down and loose wraps, 650×1 straps up and wraps, 715×1
715 felt super easy. The stretching and work on my form has paid off. Having a monolift to train with has helped tremendously; I had problems with the monolift at the meet in November. It was only my third contest using one. After the meet in November I was very disappointed in my squat. My flexibility was bad as it was in May when I squatted 750 and as it has been since I started back powerlifting and using a wide stance. Since we got the monolift I have been squatting a lot wider and tonight it didn’t feel any different. So I have adapted to the wider stance. I am really looking forward to the APF Texas Championships in April. I wanted to go up after 715 tonight, but with the push pull meet next weekend we decided to stop.

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