Super Set
Face Pulls – 3×15
Pulldown Shrugs – 3×15
Sled – 6 trips lower
Stretching – lower
Box SQ
16″ box – warm up to 275
15″ box – 325x2x2, 345x2x2, 365x2x2, 345x2x2
Rev Hypers – 4×10
Super Set
GHR – 4×10
45° Hypers – 4×10
GHR sit-ups – 1×20
AB Wheel – 3×10
I discovered tonight another factor affecting my box squat besides hip flexibility. Even though my hip flexibility has improved, I still had a problem sitting on the box with the bar on my back. I was able to sit on the box without a bar on my back. I experimented with a wider grip on the bar and it helped. My box height goal wasn’t reached tonight, but I had a considerable break through with the grip adjustment. Sean was in town to train with us tonight and with his coaching, I was able to have the best DE squat session that I have had in months. The weights that I used tonight in prior months felt too heavy. Next week I need to get back on plan with the box height regression.

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