Rotator Cuff Exercises
Face Pulls w/light band – 1×100
45×3 <-- add doubled mini bands 95x3 135x3 185x3 225x3 275x3 315x1 <-- add 3 board 335x0 405x1 <-- no bands | 3 board | add Metal Viking Pro shirt 455x1 <-- 2 board 495x0 <-- barely missed locking right arm by an inch 495x0 <-- barely missed locking right arm by an inch CSR 3 plates x1x10 4 plates x2x10 My shirted bench work went well regardless of barely missing lockout by an inch with my right arm. The weights were moving very fast off my chest. I think part of the lockout problem was due to my bar speed. My lockout has been improving and I first noticed this last week during floor presses and tonight during the band bench presses indicated that my lockout is getting stronger. I need to do some pin presses to help with that last few inches of my lockout. I need to work on rotating my elbow at lockout. I really think by focusing on rotating my elbow that should help. Sean also pointed out that I am not using my lats when I bench, which is now a focus point. My training for Seniors went well, but I feel even more prepared for AWPC Worlds. My speed has been fast on all three lifts.

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