Week 1 of my 3 week circa max
Box SQ w/Blue and Green bands – (Metal briefs) 325x4x2, 355x1x2
Speed DL – w/Green bands 245×1, 335x2x1, 385x2x1, 405x2x1
GHR w/light band – 4×10
GHR pull down abs w/doubled light band – 4×10
My box height for box squats is down to 14″. My form still needs some improvement for this box height, but I am improving and once I complete my training cycle for the April 9th meet I should be good to go. I also added Metal briefs in place of the single ply Frantz briefs I normally use. I will add a Metal squat suit with straps down on my 3rd week of circa max.

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