Rotator Cuff Work
405×3 <-- add 4 board & Ultimate Denim Shirt 455x1 <-- 2 board 495x1 <-- touch (this is 28lbs lighter than I have previously touched) 525x0 <-- descended out of groove 525x1 405x3 <-- add 5 board 455x3 495x3 525x3 545x3 Single Arm Overhead DB Tricep Ext. - 25x3x10 Super Set
CSR – 3 plates x2x10
CSR w/suppinated grip – 3 plates x2x10
Hammer Curls
DB Rear Delt Raise – 40x3x10
This was a good bench workout. I finally figured out again how to use my lats properly on board presses. When I was off due to my back injury I forgot how to use my lats. I over emphasized certain elements down but neglected the others. That has really hurt my bench training lately. 525 wasn’t easy for me to lockout so I plan to add more board presses in training. I plan to do Metal Militia board presses on my DE bench day and regular board presses on my ME bench day. I also wasn’t optimally using my lats until I went to board presses and that should help as well.

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