Rotator Cuff Work
275x3x5 <-- ea. rep paused MM 5 Board Press 315x3 365x3 405x3 Single Arm DB Press - 55x3x10 DB Rows - 140x3x10 Clay Lats 140x15 190x2x15 Lying DB Tricep Ext. - 20x5x10 Hammer Curls - 50x20 Band Pull Aparts w/mini band - 3x20 This was a really good workout. The pause presses and Metal Militia (MM) board presses felt strong. I am used to doing the MM board presses once again and now that my form is good, I can really start pushing them. I have done these off and on in the past. They have worked well for me and really well when I did them weekly. I get a good carry over to equipped benching.

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