My training has really been going really great since AAPF Nationals. I went back to some things that worked well for me in the past. One of the things I reintroduced to my training arsenal was Metal Militia board presses. I have used them with success in the past. I get good carry over to equipped benching and it helps with my leg drive. The other thing I reintroduced was more volume to my training. Back in the ‘80s when I first got into powerlifting we did a lot of volume. It is and has really helped me get stronger and put on muscle. This week is my fifth week of my pre contest training. Next week I will deload and the following week I will start my competition training for AWPC Worlds.
At AAPF Nationals I was able to get over my bombing streak and gain my confidence back. My training has been improving along with my attitude and my desire to compete. I feel like I have reversed the affects of the meets I bombed. I discovered recently my Metal Ace Squat suit was too big and I had it altered. That is going to make a big difference with my squat. My suit was a size too big and that caused me some problems over the past year. That was a big contributor to me bombing two meets and not doing too well in two other meets.

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