425×2 <-- add Metal Viking Pro and 3 boards 455x1 <-- 2 boards 485x1 <-- no boards | I went too low with the bar to touch, but weight was still easy. 485x1 <-- My form was a lot better and the weight was easy. This will be my opener at Seniors. Rotator Cuff - 10x3x12 Lat Pulldowns w/ Fat V-Bar - 138x3x10 Super Set
Tricep Pressdowns w/ rope – 50x3x10
Face Pulls – 50x3x12
Hammer Curls – 30×10
Fat Bar Reverse Curls – 85x2x10
Pulldown Abs – 50x3x20
This was my last workout before Seniors. I am feeling good and will be resting up. I feel good about all three lifts. My raw bench strength is coming up. I felt strong on the raw benching I did prior to my shirt work. My bench is going to greatly improve over the upcoming months. Sean has helped me a lot and the paused reps I have been doing after DE bench has really helped.

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