405×3 <-- 3 boards, add Rage X 455x1 <-- 2 boards, add belt 495x0 <-- 1 board (bar shot out over face) 525x0 <-- touch (bar shot out over face) 525x0 <-- touch (bar shot out over face) Grappler Rows w/V-Bar - 5 plates x3x10 Super Set
Rear Delt Raise – 25x2x10
DB Lateral Raise – 25x2x10
Front Raise – 25x2x10
Band Pressdowns w/light band – 1×100
Tonight I tried Sean’s Rage X. I like the shirt even though I didn’t lockout the last three sets. I kept pressing the bar over my face, which made it impossible to lockout. It was easier to touch than I figured it would be. A little work in a Rage X should fix the problem I had. I think if I touch higher in the shirt it would remedy the problem. I got more pop out of this shirt than my Ultimate Denim and the weights were moving fast. I will be ordering a Rage X in the near future. The Ultimate Denim has been a good shirt, but I am sure that I can bench more in a Rage X.

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