Mobility Work
505×3 <-- add Metal Pro briefs 595x1 <-- add belt & Metal Pro squat suit w/straps down 705x1 <-- straps up 755x1 45° Hypers - 3x10 GHR - 3x10 Vertical Leg Raise - 3x10 I had velcro added to my Metal Pro squat suit and tonight I gave the suit a try. Having the velcro is going to make it easier to break parallel and sit back into the suit. I am having problems breaking with my hips first on the descent. I also think I need to bring my feet forward a little more. I have been thinking back to my raw squatting session several weeks ago. I was breaking with my hips first and squatting more upright. My squats went really great and I PRed by 91lbs. I need to work on my form so I can replicate what I was doing that night.

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