Week 6 of 10 – APF Texas Cup Training Cycle
Mobility Work
415×3 <-- add Metal Pro Briefs 505x1 595x1 <-- add Belt & Metal Ace Squatter w/straps down 715x1 <-- straps up 820x1 <-- add knee wraps (full gear) DL off 7.5 inch blocks (bar below knees) 225x5 315x2 405x2 495x2 <-- add belt 585x5x2 On my last squat I lost my balance, but got my balance back before I started my descent. The weight felt easy. Ray discovered that I was unracking the bar too fast and due to the flex of the bar, it caused me to lose my balance. This was the same thing I experienced at AWPC Worlds. Thanks to Ray making that little discovery, it should payoff big at The Cup. The deadlifts off of blocks felt especially hard tonight and I ended my workout afterwards.

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