Ironmind Telegraph – 3×10 ea. finger
Rotator Cuff – 3×15 ea. exercise
Blast Strap Pushups – 2×15
DE Floor Press w/2 board
275 w/120lbs chain x2
225 w/60lbs chain x6
365 w/120lbs chain x0 <-- 4 board 315 w/120lbs chain x2 <-- 4 board Super Set
KB Overhead Press – 25x3x12
Fat V-Bar Pulldowns – 120x3x10
20x 3 – 15 second holds ea. hand
30×3 – 15 second holds ea. hand
My workout was going good until bench presses and board presses. My triceps were too tired by the time we started the bench presses and board presses. I was never able to get my bench back up to where it was before my elbow injury. So my strength was also a factor. I will start back doing band pressdowns on extra workouts to help bring my up tricep strength and endurance.

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