Shoulder Complex
Front Raises 1×10
Front Raises thumb up 1×10
Front Raises thumb dn 1×10
Side Latterals 1×10
Side Laterals thumb up 1×10
Side Laterals thumb dn 1×10
Rear Delt Raises 1×10
Rear Delt Raises thumb up 1×10
Rear Delt Raises thumb dn 1×10
Rotator Cuff 1×20
Band Tricep Press Downs w/ light band – 2×50
External Should Rotation w/ mini band – 3×33
I started doing extra workouts again. While training for the APF Texas Cup I didn’t feel like I needed them. The shoulder complex I used in the past to help my shoulders recover. My shoulder recovery seemed fine, but I figure it won’t hurt to start them back. My lockout is in need of help so I added band pressdowns back. I will also be doing extra workouts to help strengthen my hips. I also need to start stretching.

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