Shoulder Complex
Front Raises 1×10
Front Raises thumb up 1×10
Front Raises thumb dn 1×10
Side Latterals 1×10
Side Laterals thumb up 1×10
Side Laterals thumb dn 1×10
Rear Delt Raises 1×10
Rear Delt Raises thumb up 1×10
Rear Delt Raises thumb dn 1×10
Rotator Cuff 1×20
Band Tricep Press Downs w/ light band – 2×50
External Should Rotation w/ mini band – 3×33
Hip Abduction w/green bands – 3×15
Pushups (hands place 3 steps up on stairs)- 4×10 alt. hands wide & close
I have been adding exercise to bring up the strength of my lower pecs. Since I switch to the MM bench style, I lost some of the explosion off my chest. I feel that is due to benching with an arch opposed to my old style benching flat backed. Decline benches and other lower pec work should help the lower part of my bench.

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