November 6th – 2004 APF Texas Cup – Plano, Texas
Squat – 705lbs (missed on depth), 710.7lbs, 749.5lbs (missed)
Things did not go well on the squat. I wasn’t able to even match what I did in May. I was having problems with my form. Part of it was not being used to a monolift, which luckily that should be a problem any more since we got our monolift recently. This was my third time to use a monolift. We would do our last heavy squat day before meets at Stroud’s so we could use a monolift. It seemed like my feet were too far forward and I would have to try to get setup once I took the bar out. I know that I have some things to work on. I have problem with speed out of the hole and halfway up I have a weak point.
Bench Press – 485lbs, 507lbs (missed), 507lbs (missed)
My bench didn’t do any better. My setup was better than in past meets. When the bar was handed off to me, I waited and got settled before I lowered the bar. That was the only good part. I need to really work on my form.
Deadlift – 628lbs, 660lbs, 705lbs, 722 (missed)
The deadlift was a surprise. I have been having form problems since April when I first attempted a 705lbs deadlift. I had a problem with letting the bar get too far in front of me. I also had problems getting down to the bar in my Metal Deadlifter. During my last speed deadlift day I focused on keeping the bar against my thighs. At the meet I focused on the same thing. I also got closer to the bar. During my warm-ups I made sure I kept the bar against my thighs. When it came time to deadlift my form was on the money. My opener was easy as expected. My second attempt was really easy. On my third attempt I decided to take a shot at 705lbs. I made the lift my form was good and it felt much easier than I expected. I took a fourth attempt to try to break the Texas 242 submaster record and missed it. I am glad to finally have my form straightened out on the deadlift and now I have to the other two lifts straightened out.
Total – 1900.9
I managed to total elite once more. I didn’t think it was going to happen after I was finished benching. I did think going into the deadlift that if I could deadlift 705lbs, that I would still have a chance. I placed second in the Open 242lbs class and first in the Submaster 242lbs class. One important thing I learned during the deadlift, was my perfect psyche level. In the past I have gotten over psyched and wasn’t able to thing through the lift. I was able to get extremely focused, which helped me keep my form. Now it’s time to apply it two the other two lifts.

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