Warm up
pulldown abs – 2×10
GHR – 2×10
SSB Suspended GMs (wide stance) – 95×5, 135×5, 185×3, 225×3, 315×3, 365×1, 405×1 PR, 455x miss
GHR w/back jacked up – 4×10
Rev. Hypers – 4×10
Pulldown Abs – 4×10
This was my second workout today so I was very tired. I had to travel for work and was not able to do my DE BP day on Sunday. So I had to make up the workout this morining. I had to wake up at 5:00 AM EST which is an hour earlier than the usual CST time that I am use to. I managed to get both workouts in today and I was wiped out.

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