Squat – 1st attempt 722lbs, 2nd attempt 755lbs (5lbs PR), 3rd attempt 777.1lbs (27lbs PR)
Sean and I decided we were going to enjoy squatting for a change instead of dreading it and stressing until we finish squatting. I also went into this meet with the intent of not over psyching and screwing up my lifts. I was calm and collected before we started squatting. My first two attempts, I was a little too calm, so on my third attempt I took my psyche up a notch. My third attempt was easy.
Bench – 1st attempt 501.5lbs (smoked), 2nd and 3rd attempt 523lbs (missed). My second attempt I didn’t let the bar settle and realized it after I started down with the bar. I missed the lift. My third attempt my form was off again.
Deadlift – 1st attempt 661.4lbs, 2nd and 3rd attempt 722lbs (missed). My first attempt I almost lost my grip, but made it. My second and third attempts I made sure to get my grip set good. I missed both attempts. We found out later that the bar had oil on it. I was very disappointed since this is my best lift.
Total – 1940 APF Elite
I was very happy with my squat. After the squat since my third attempt was easy, I didn’t want to cheat myself on the other lifts. This was a mistake. I should have went a little lighter on my second bench attempt and I also should have went lighter on my second deadlift attempt. If I would have made better decisions, I probably would have totaled 2000. If I would have been more conservative on my bench and deadlift attempts I would have totaled higher.

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