1st attempt 661lbs (Texas open 242 and 242 submaster records)
2nd attempt 688lbs – missed
3rd attempt 688lbs – missed
2nd Place 242 open
1st Place 242 submaster
Best lifter submaster deadlift
Today was not a good day for me. I opened with 661lbs a record in both the open and submaster 242 divisions. I planned on being conservative and going 705lbs on my second attempt which should have been a fairly easy lift. My opener didn’t go easy like it normally does. Two Mondays ago I did a 570lbs deadlift with 120lbs of chains, which is 690lbs at lockout for two reps. I think I either peaked then or I just haven’t fully recovered yet. This was a 97% attempt at lockout for a double.

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