Super Set
Incline BP Machine – 120x3x15
Neutral Grip Pulldowns – 120x3x15
Super Set
Pec Deck – 120x3x15
Rear Delt Machine – 120x3x10
Super Set
Tricep Kickbacks – 15x3x10
DB Curls – 20x3x10
Super Set
Preacher Curl Machine – 80x3x10
Tricep Ext. Machin – 65x3x10
Ab Crunch Machine – 60x3x15
Elliptical Trainer – 10 min.
Lateral Raise Machine – 60x5x10
I typically don’t train the Wednesday following a meet, but since I have a meet two weeks out from my last meet I felt like I needed to at least get some blood into the muscles to help recuperation and to try to prevent any strength loss.

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