Today I attended a Metal Militia Seminar in Phoenix Arizona. The seminar was hosted by Bloody Lawn Gym and instructed by Sebastian Burns of the Metal Militia. It was a good learning experience. I as Sean was in hopes of a big PR. I had heard stories of people adding 30-50 pounds on their PR by changing to the Metal Militia bench press style and learning to use the bench press shirt. I was disappointed with my performance. I couldn’t even hit my PR. I did learn some very valuable lessons. I learned that you once you know how you can touch about any weight you want to touch in a bench press shirt. The Metal Militia style is very different from the Westside bench style. You push the bar back instead of pushing in a straight line. Using the Metal Militia style it is OK to break your wrists to shorten the distance and to get the bar to touch. So this was one of those things forget what you know and learn to do it this way. Sebastian told Sean and me that we should be able to bench 600lbs. using the Metal Militia style. Sebastian told us that so many good lifters really neglect the bench press and adding 100lbs. could drastically improve your total. The method makes good sense and has work great for a lot of lifters. So it looks like we are going to start using this method.

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