Mon AM – lower body stretching
Tue AM – lower body stretching
Wed AM – lower body stretching
Thu AM – lower body stretching
Fri AM – lower body stretching
I started stretching last Saturday as an extra workout. My flexibility or lack thereof is hurting my squat. We originally thought my upper back was too weak and after speed squats two DE squat workouts ago we discovered it was flexibility was a major problem for me. We went up in weight our last two sets as well as raising the box two inches and my upper back did not round. My last DE squat day I did my first four sets off of a box height 1.5 inches higher and dropped back down the last four sets. The first four were better than usual and I was able to keep my back from rounding. I was prior to these last workouts rounding my back due to my lack of flexibility. My plan is to stretch before workouts and stretch five to six days a week. I plan on DE squat days to start out with a higher box and lower it as I go. I planed on reducing the number of squats on the higher box by one set a week until I am doing all sets with the lower box. My goal is to be able to sit on the box without any weight on my back. Currently I have to have at least 325lbs on my back to be able to sit on to the box. This can’t be good for me since I am forcing my self down with the weight beyond my current range of motion.

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