This week I enjoyed my break from training. I usually take a few days off after a meet to recuperate. The breaks are nice because the help me avoid burnout. I have however continued to do stretching and cardio as usual. I will start back with DE squat/deadlift.
My flexibility has improved greatly and I really need to bring up my hip strength to accommodate my wider squat stance.
I learned from the push/pull meet last Saturday that the lockout work has helped bring up my lockout on the bench. I also learned that I need to start doing rack pulls on a more consistent basis to bring up the upper part of my deadlift.
Sean got some good tips from a couple friends of ours on how to improve our training. We haven’t been getting enough volume over 90%. So we are going to start taking more attempts over 90% on our ME days and working up more often on our DE days. The guys that recommended this have had phenomenal results. We will start gearing up for the APF Texas State Championships.

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