As of today I have been on the NHE (Natural Hormonal Enhancement) diet for a week. I tried the last week of June and the three day weekend/4th of July weekend I cheated three days in a row. I know that I need this diet to improve my diabetes and help with hepatitis C. Every book or website that deals with natural health/medicine, holistic medicine, says that low carb diets are the way to go. Even my holistic doc recommended this type of diet. I had to get motivated and committed to do this. Most of all it will improve my health and it will also help improve my lifting. I discovered a few months back that I had low testosterone levels and this diet will improve my levels.
My starting weight was 246lbs and I now weight 238lbs. My fasting blood glucose levels dropped from 130ml to 107ml. With this diet my glucose levels can stay in the normal non-diabetic range.
My goal is to spend 4-6 weeks loosing fat and after that I will increase my calories to gain muscle. I be a lot leaner at 242lbs. This is something I plan to be ongoing. I will cycle between phases to loose fat and muscle gaining phases. This should eventually get me to a lean 242lbs.

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