I weighed in at 239.8lbs


1st Attempt – 501.5lbs
2nd Attempt – 523.5lbs
3rd Attempt – Passed

Bench Press

1st Attempt – 358lbs
2nd Attempt – 369.2lbs
3rd Attempt – 380lbs missed


1st Attempt – 584lbs
2nd Attempt – 633.7lbs
3rd Attempt – Passed


4th Place Open 242lbs Division

Raw Challenge Video

The day started off good. I had the best sleep I have ever had prior to a meet. The hotel we stayed at had a physician’s scale in the fitness center. I wanted check my weight before eating breakfast. My weight was 238.5lbs and it was safe for me to eat breakfast. My lifting didn’t go as well as I had wished, but the experience was awesome. Competing at the Arnold has been a goal of mine since the first time I attended the Arnold in 2004. I had a lot of support at the meet considering it was a long way from home. My wife, Sean, Monte, Tanner, Meagan, and Meagan’s friend Beth were there to support me. Sean handled me and did a great job in spite of being sick. Meagan did a great job videoing my lifts and my wife did a great job photoing my lifts. I have some awesome video footage and pics of my Arnold experience thanks to Meagan and Tiffany. This was an awesome experience and it was great to have friends there to share the moment.

Post Author: Phillip Wylie